Article Tips – Write About the News

When you want to create great articles or you’re looking for good article ideas, you can always write about the news. The news and current events are things that almost everyone has an interest in reading about. These are also great ways to get traffic to your site or to your articles if you post them on another site.

However, if you’re going to write about the news, you need to learn to do it correctly. You don’t necessarily need to have a degree in journalism to write about the news. For example, if you are writing an article for a website, your own website or a blog post, you can use your own experiences to write about the news without having a degree or certification in journalism.

But if you want your news to be received well, it will pay off to learn how to do this correctly. You will want to follow the current standards in journalism and news writing and you want to consider these additional tips as well:

· Don’t copy other news reports such as those from CNN or the Associated Press

· Keep your facts straight

· Don’t put opinions in your news story

· Put your own spin or view on the news topic

Most news stories are not evergreen but there are some ways you can make it evergreen if you want your article to last longer. For example, you can talk about a recent earthquake that has hit a part of the country. After reporting on the news, you can make your article evergreen by also adding in tips to prepare for an earthquake, how to earthquake-proof your home or how to create an escape plan for your family.

Or maybe you will report on the Tiger Woods cheating scandal and then add tips such as “how to tell if your partner is cheating” or “what to do about a cheating spouse”. These are just a few examples of how to take a news story and also make it evergreen. It will help your SEO ranking right now for the keywords as people are looking for news on the story but it will also last longer over time as the article will still contain useful information to people in the future.

Years later someone may be looking for info on cheating spouses and find your article and say to themselves, “Oh I remember when they Tiger Woods scandal went public.” It gives them something they can relate to as well.

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Marketing Your Art Is No Easy Trick

Here are some helpful ideasWhether you are just beginning to develop your visual arts career or you are many years into it, or whether you have earned a masters of fine arts degree or have no formal training at all, the task of selling your artwork can be a very difficult. The first thing you need to do is to understand the different markets for art and where your artwork fits into those markets. The markets for fine art can range from commercial galleries, sales to corporations, art fairs, interior designers, private sales, private and public commissions, the sale of reproduction rights and many more venues. Each of these venues has multiple sub-categories that need to be considered before you submit your work.After running a commercial gallery (Gallery 25N) for many years and seeing an abundance of submissions of artists work, it has become very obvious, that the quality of the submission materials are of utmost importance. When you submit your work to any venue, including galleries, it should be presented in a most professional way. Your artwork and presentation has to set you apart from the other artists. It must include professional quality images of your artwork, a brief biography that speaks of your career as an artist, a one page artist statement, and links to your online portfolio or website. Your artist statement should help the recipient understand your intention in your art. Your art does have to stand on its own, however it is important that the audience has the vocabulary to talk about it. After the submission you will need to follow up with a phone call. Keep in mind that the submission of your artwork is similar to a job interview and you need to impress not only with your art work but also with your presentation.Before submitting your work to any venue do some research to make sure your work is appropriate for submission. The process of researching art venues has become much easier with the advent of the Internet. Once you have determined the appropriate venues by reviewing their mission statement and the work that they have chosen this will give you a good idea if your work fits into their plan. Your research should include their submission policy defining the format and process for submission. Most want digital images on CDs or DVDs along with an image list containing title, dimensions and medium.

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Invest in Real Estate in Colorado – The Sure Way to Build Wealth

Real estate investment is a good way to build great wealth particular in Colorado. The real estate market in Colorado is doing quite well and it is a great idea to consider investing. You don’t have to be incredibly rich to invest in this lucrative kind of business. In fact, most of us can do very well. Remember that a good real estate investor is the one who knows where and how to invest in real estate at the most appropriate time. If you are interested in getting into the real estate business but don’t know how to, then you will find the following points very useful.Real estate listings: Real estate listings in Colorado are a great way for selling or buying real estate. There are numerous listing agents who can help you find potential buyers for your property. All you have to do is relay the information to them. In fact, most of the real estate companies have their websites which makes it easy to contact them.Decide your investment goals: Before investing you must first decide what would you like to do with the property -is it for selling or for rent? If you are buying a property with the intention of renting it out, then you must first understand about the various tenant-related problems and also the needs of the tenants.Select a good agent: Choosing a good, reliable agent is a key step toward a successful real estate investment. A good agent will provide you with the latest market information.Conduct research: Research thoroughly on the type of real estate you want to buy. You need to gather information such as the appreciation the land goes through. Go for such areas that are in demand and can bring you the maximum profit.Select a good property: You should have a sound knowledge and awareness of good houses or lands. While investing money in real estate remember that huge investment doesn’t guarantee huge returns. You can earn more with little investment. So being vigilant at the time of investment is very important. Educate yourself on all requirements for your real estate investment, both financial and legal.Consider your budget: Before diving into the deep waters of this so-called business, you must consider your budget. The property must be affordable. You can arrange finance through mortgage loans and bank loans. However, don’t forget that you will have to repay the amount, so keep that in mind before you borrow.Choose the best strategy: There are several strategies available that could help you realize your goals. But you must select the one that is in keeping with all your requirements.Develop your skills and knowledge: Just like any other business, investing in real estate requires you to have a good knowledge of the market. Also, you need to develop a cautious mindset as this business is risk prone.

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